Rose Bowl Travel Plans

I know some travel tips have already been shared in other threads. Share your plans, tips, question, or nightmares here.

We are driving down and back. We are going to break up the drive into a couple of days. On the way down, we’ll stay in Mesquite, and golf at Coyote Springs before heading to SoCal (weather permtting). Anyone played there, and have any insights?

We are staying somewhere east of Pasadena (Covina, Ontario, etc.) The game is the big thing, we aren’t going to try to attend the parade. Just rather show up to the stadium a couple of hours early, wander around, meet friends, and soak in the atmosphere. Then grab dinner somewhere afterwards.

Trip home will be two day as well, with another stop in Mesquite. Might do 9 holes on Monday in Mesquite or St George.

If you’re not already in your parking spot two hours prior to kick-off you will miss part of the game. It takes a long time to file into Brookside and the later you arrive the longer it takes. PLUS the entry gate people not only have to check your ticket they also have to check your proof of vaccine - that slows things too.



Coyote Springs is a great course, but a typical Nicklaus course. It has over 100 bunkers. Don’t play it on a windy day. If you’re staying in Mesquite I’d pick Conestoga, Falcon Ridge or the goofy and expensive but beautiful Wolf Creek for convenience. It’s a long drive to Coyote Springs. I also highly recommend Copper Rock in St George on your way back.

this has me a little concerned for the Rose Bowl:

Canada has shown to be extra cautious with COVID (maybe smarter is a better word) but we all new that Thanksgiving gatherings a few weeks back would likely lead to more spread. And with the cancellation of more and more sporting events. :crossed_fingers:

Don’t worry about the Rose Bowl. Canada is run by control-freak progressive loons this is Cali…………




i am driving over the day of the game. Should i pre buy a parking pass ??