Rose Bowl Tickets

My Crimson Club level only allows me to buy 4 tickets and I need 5. I know this is a big ask, but If anyone has the ability to include the 5 I need with their purchase, let me know.

From what I read, East and South sides are PAC12 seats. What were people’s strategies last year? Go through CC or friend? 3rd party seller - wait (current cheapest looks like $250) for match to be set. I wonder if a Utah/Penn St. matchup will even sell out and ticketholders will try to unload closer to the game. Purdue (hope not) might pull all their fans in. Thoughts?

I have my sister and family coming into town after Christmas through New Years, but I just booked an early flight in and late flight out on Jan 2 to Burbank - will see if I can pull it off.

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Love there’s a great allocation to the U for this game after the CCG fiasco. That said, I can only buy six tix and we’ve got a group of 8 forming. I’m L4 in the CC. Is there another L4 here that might be interested in working to see if we could work a way to get a couple more seats ?

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Last year, a lot of Ute fans went through Ohio State for tickets. I imagine that willl be an even better strategy this year, I can’t image Penn St will travel as well as Ohio St did last year.


That’s what I did last year, too. IIRC there was a limit there too.

It appears from the map emailed by the U that the allotments for schools are larger this year than last. At this time a year ago, there were many more tickets available on the secondary markets. They have also increased the number of tickets allowed to my level from 4 to 6, so I don’t need any help to get 5. I just hope there are still some available when it hits my level.


I couldn’t give away my tickets last year. You should just get them like the week before when ticket prices will taaaaaaaaaannnnnnk!

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Our flight got cancelled and we were stuck at home. Took a massive bath on it all and have to agree that last couple days ticket prices dropped massively.

Since it’s been a minute for the Lions tickets may be a little more difficult this season. I could be wrong but I think they will travel very well and maybe better than the Buckeyes.

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A question to anyone that has purchased tickets for the Rose Bowl through the U ticket office online (Crimson Club seating):

I purchased tickets earlier today, and am trying to transfer a couple of them to a friend, but am unable to do so, as the ticketmaster hosted site indicates that tickets must be managed through the Rose Bowl App, and the Rose Bowl App indicates I have no tickets.

I assume this is a result of a delay in the purchases being reflected in the database for Rose Bowl App.

Anyone know anything more on this front - have any of you been able to transfer tickets?

Edit to say that the original email says the following, which I assume means I’ll be able to transfer tickets “sometime in the upcoming weeks”.

Tickets for the Rose Bowl Game will be managed through the Rose Bowl Game app or the Tournament of Roses Ticketmaster online account manager. Tickets will be available in the upcoming weeks.

I think that’s normal. When we bought via tOSU last year it was a week or so when we got actual tickets that we could use. Prior to that we just had a receipt.

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Update - per the ticket office - the purchases through the ticket office can only be managed through Rose Bowl App, but the U won’t communicate the ticket sales to the Rose Bowl App for another week or so.

Buckeye fans have been used to going to the playoffs on a regular basis so Rose Bowl was a bit below their expectations. Not so with Penn State fans this time around.

Learned this as well. Was in full panic mode with a couple of grand in tickets just sitting there being useless.