Rose Bowl Ticket Deal?

I thought I had a deal worked to be able to get 8 tickets together but apparently it’s fallen apart since I’ve not heard from the other guy since yesterday afternoon. I’m a Level 4 that can buy at 1:00pm today. Are there other L4s that aren’t using their whole 6 ticket allotment? We could have options to mix and match as my group would be easily happy with two sets of 4 tickets together. We’d just all like to be somewhat close if we could. Kick me a board mail if this could work.

I can’t use boardmail for some reason, so I’ll just reply. I have 6 total we bought on ticketmaster that I’m looking to sale. They are split though, 4 together and 2 together. All in the same section, a few rows apart.

Maybe you can boardmail me? And we can figure it out if you’re interested. Just want to get my money back, selling them at cost. $185 ea

Thanks, but we got something figured out that got us seats on an adjacent row and my wife says she’ll just sweet talk some Ute fans into shifting a couple of seats if needed.

Sincere thanks to all of you who reached out to see if you could help. It shows the good hearts of Ute fans.

Glad you got it figured out.

On another note, anyone know why I can’t transfer/sell my tickets through ticketmaster yet? I assume they will open that feature shortly, but it’s greyed out when I login. Someone else mentioned maybe they’re local tickets for the residents. Anyone know how to tell?

I believe they won’t get the actual tix out until right after Christmas from what I’ve heard and from what I remember from last year buying thru tOSU.

That makes sense, the ones I bought through the CC are similar. It shows I bought seats, but can’t transfer there either. Guess we’ll find out.

The rose bowl is weird and controls the tickets until mid december, then they get released. So last year, the CC tickets were available to transfer on December 13th - I’d expect similar this year. Judging by what was available during the CC windows this year vs. last, we might have a better crowd than even last year. All anecdotally of course, I personally know tons more people who couldn’t swing last year but are going this year.

The U just received some additional $300 tickets in Section 6. I was able to call and upgrade my seats. I think tickets are now available to general public.

What time did you call? I guess i should try first thing in the AM