Roll call: who is going to Santa Clara?

We win out and I think we are in the CFP.

I am, and it just proves there is no HoopUte curse, no matter what Newbomb says.

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You don’t think OU jumps us??

They might but I think the “eye test” of Utah puts us ahead. In the meantime Larry Scott needs to start making the case for us along with Harlan. I know I’ve harped on this a bit but really they need to be way more vocal now about Utah than they are. Look at what the SEC does and the programs, they are always making a case in the media about why they are superior and should be in.


I’m going with my brother

I’m in, with a group of about 16.

Yep for 3

Make it happen

You know it! I’ll there with my crew. Turned out to be a good decision to book those flights weeks ago phew.

Lol yes!! I decided to invest and got 2 people
In delta for $350 R/T now it is out of control at $1750. I drove ove the Sierra Nevada in a snowstorm last year, not again :slight_smile:

Br there with my granddaughter

Not really wanting to make the drive, and airfare is ridiculous. Should have had the faith to book weeks ago. I guess I’ll be headed to the bowl game(s) instead.

$69 each way from LAX to San Jose on Southwest, but I bought as soon as I got back to the hotel from the UW game. This flight completes my A-List status for next year.

I have a social I planned for my honor society that I will be hosting that night.

We will have a big screen TV streaming the game for those in attendance.

Got the hotel reserved about 6 months ago & airfare about a month ago. Since we have had weather extremes for almost every home game, forecasted rain at Levi will play right into our hands because our mental strength & focus.