Rocker is there a.boardmail function on this board?

I had a question for you

Yes - two ways to access it:

Click on a user’s name and in the window is a button that says, “Message” click on that and send me a message just like you are posting. The other way is to click on your icon in the top right, then click on your name, then click on the Messages link.

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Please send me one so I can reply because I’m old and.not seeing the icons You mention. Thanks

Okay, here are the two ways, step-by-step instructions (and I boardmailed you too - and you can’t be THAT old):

***How to send a message by clicking on someone's name:***

After you click “Message” the message window pops up

***How to read a message from someone****

***ALTERNATIVE: How to get to Boardmail****

Once you’ve clicked messages you’ll come to this page…

Then to compose a message…

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I am not sure you gave FFU enough red arrows.

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