RIP - #22 Aaron Lowe

Unconfirmed rumors right now that Aaron Lowe, first recipient of the Ty Jordan scholarship was shot and killed last night. Players on twitter are expressing their sympathies.

Just awful.

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Tragic. Terrible.

I wouldn’t be surprised if they decided to do something else for the scholarship - a lot of pain and sorrow will surround it (already does but helped make something good out of something awful).

And a WSU player was shot over the weekend too?

Jesus! What’s up with the need to carry a weapon? Seems that any conflict encountered has the potential to immediately go to eleven.


Retire #22 please


Has anyone heard anything about the other person that was shot? I read that they are in critical condition. Is it a teammate?


Words fail me.


Unbelievable tragedy… this happened not too far from where I live.


More info:

Looking into it further it looks to be pretty close by the student apartments on Foothill - or Broadmoor is just west of there. I know there are a lot of students who live in that area - so presumably just a college party in the area?

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And I am not too far from you. This is just tragic and devastating. I am at a complete loss.

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Shocking tragedy. Wow. I’d not want to be even a fly in the locker room later today or tomorrow. I’d hate to a Ute coach right now.

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Wow - I was coming over to say congrats on the win yesterday - and then heard this news this morning.

Absolutely tragic - I’m so sorry to hear this news. It has to be a serious gut punch to the players to go through this again on the heels of losing Ty. My condolences.


SLCPD confirms Aaron Lowe killed in overnight shooting

Here is the official release for those wanting to see it.


Horrible news, thoughts and prayers to his family

isn’t that 5 students (3 athletes) who were connected to the U that have lost their lives to tragic ends in the past few years?

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This is just terrible news.

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This team has to be feeling it right now. My thoughts are with his family and his teammates and coaches.

I really wish the world was a better place than it is.