Riley Battin

Sure knows how to take a charge. What an ugly, ugly win. But I will take it.

Ugly, but I will take it. I am simply relieved that the losing streak is over.


I watched the live stream on YouTube through the second half until they went down by 11 with less than 10 to go. Then I decided to watch a video on how to replace the water pump for a car I don’t even own as I felt that was a better use of my time.

Looks like that was a mistake.


Maybe we just play better when you’re not watching. Ever thought about that? Huh? Huh?


Or you should never give up on your team until the game is ACTUALLY over. They led for only 14 seconds in the entire second half. And that was all it took. The only thing that matters IS THE SCORE AT THE END OF THE GAME. And Utah had 1 more point than Washington did when the clock read 0:00. THAT IS ALL THAT MATTERS. Go Utes!


True, but now I know how to install a water pump on a 1999 Ford Explorer. Plus as Newbomb pointed out, they play better when I don’t watch. It’s a quantum mechanics sort of thing.


They would have played like that regardless of whether or not you watched them. They have no clue that you’re watching them play, ergo, it has no bearing whatsoever on the result of the game.

But what if it does? Watch Utah basketball = Down by 11, don’t watch = they win.

You’re all welcome.


Clearly you don’t understand Rocker Quantum Basketball Mechanics.

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Whatever floats your boat lol.

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On another note, in the 31:30 that I watched the game I once again heard about a Huskie having a career night beyond the arc. Missed assignments lead to a lot of uncontested threes. So along with our post player woes let’s officially add perimeter defense. Glad for the win but it was atrocious.

Actually, the perimeter defense was fine. The strategy was to double team 33 their star player which often left an unguarded player outside. If we were not doubling they would have slaughtered us. We gave up some open outside shots but it was the best decision. On the last two offensive possessions, Washington wanted to go inside to 33 but was not able to do so and as a result ended with a desperate scramble each time. Giving up the open outside shots worked, gave us a chance and we won. Career night aside, it was a path to a win.


Does anyone else absolutely lose their minds when Riley gets the ball under the basket! Crazy pills! That’s what I think I am taking!

Game highlights for those of you who missed all the fun.


It eventually evened out some, but yes at about that time, you had a guy (Wright) who shoots mid 20s% from three that was 4/6 from beyond the arc. I just don’t think you can blame perimeter defense when you the scouting report says let this guy shoot, and all of a sudden he becomes a dead eye. In fact the whole team is mid 30s % from three, and does not make all that many per game. But they lit it up against us while we couldn’t throw a brick in the ocean. I honestly feel a little bit bad for UW if you can believe it, we played so horrible but still won. I know I despise it when we are on the other end of that equation.

I don’t disagree with either of you regarding the threes except it is a seeming pattern now where teams are having their way beyond the arc. In other words, despite the double team strategy there were times where players didn’t properly rotate through on help leaving guys completely wide open and then we were sprinting to pretend to contest it. Neither here nor there, we won, but something I’m going to keep watching because I’m curious if it is a real issue or not.

You’re right. It’s really because I got my front yard block U lit last night. It wasn’t for the prior three games while I was out of town so that has to be the correlation.