Ricky Parks commits



4-star on Rivals, 3 on 24-7. Impressive offer list, great pickup for the continuity and advancement of the program’s FL recruiting.

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Pleased that the lack of a men’s track program didn’t get in the way. I have been concerned about this for a while now. I wonder hoe many we have lost due to not having a track program.

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Great Day to be a Ute. Zack Moss 2.0?

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Saw a good scouting report I can’t post a link yet, but when I can I will…

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Here is the report. Not too long but to the point.


The film is good. Highlights always dazzle, and in that way they remind me a little of John White IV, in terms of his ability to find another gear and separate. (However, JW4 was doing that at the JC level, and was smaller.)

Not a lot of lateral movement, Parks is a downhill runner who finds the crease.

I see a rough similarity to Moss in running style, but people need to remember Zack came in as a freshman looking like a body builder.

It’s too bad Parks didn’t have a year to play here watching how Moss approached things, but Brumfield, Green, Bernard, et al can transfer the culture to Parks & Jordan.