Rich Eisen pushing Deion Sanders as next HC of Florida State

He says that the NBA and MLB do it all the time (promote a former player with little to no coaching experience). He says Deion would have a plan, a staff and have the cachet of “Deion”. He said “they could do a lot worse, and he’s up for it…he wants it.” Interesting.

Florida State reminds me of Alabama after they lost Gene Stallings. Just hiring coaches hoping one will stick. FSU is too good of a job to give a guy his first-ever coaching gig on any level.

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Yeah, but just about anyone couldn’t be any worse than Taggart. That guy is the worst.

Yeah. I don’t know what happened to Willie after USF. He really turned WKU around when he was here. He was the one who set them on the right path. I think he probably should have remained at USF for a while.

Rich Eisen must REALLY hate FSU.

Coaching at this level is very hard and there are plenty of great programs that absolutely tank under a coach who can’t handle things. Neon Deion would be a recruiting marvel, but there is a good chance that team would be very ugly. They would likely beat Samford next year and UMass the year after that, but would get blasted by everybody else.

They’d be better off hiring Ty Detmer!!

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If he really would recruit well, then they should hire him. In college athletics, recruiting is 90% of success. He could surround himself with assistants who can handle other aspects.

Willie Taggart’s and Charlie Strong’s records would seem to disagree.

Let’s call it a necessary but not sufficient condition. Nick Saban couldn’t take a bunch of 2-star recruits and take them to the Sugar Bowl. Hiring a sure thing, slam dunk recruiter is never going to be a bad strategy in college athletics.

Also, why are you assuming that Deon Sanders can’t manage the other aspects of coaching? He’s one of the greatest players of all time. He’s clearly very smart, and he seems to relate to people well.


Nick Saban took an LSU program over that won 3 games and 4 games prior to his arrival and in three years won a National Title. Let’s not act like he didn’t also take over an Alabama team that was “Dead” on Probation and in the depths of despair to maybe what many would call a top 3 dynasty of all time.

Not sure a nice guy who was a legend can get his first gig and do that. I’m a Laker fan (being raised in Los Angeles) and this is like people who loved the idea of making Magic Johnson the HC.

Saban’s a great coach. Give him - right now - the roster at New Mexico State. Let him coach that team up for an offseason. How many games does he win? Not many.

Coaching is important, and recruiting is the single most important part of a college coach’s job.

You’re basing this on his only getting LSU to a title in 3 years & Alabama in 3 years and turning Michigan State to a 10 win team? Probably right. He probably couldn’t take New Mexico in the first year to 10 wins. That still doesn’t explain your whole idea the Deion who has zero coaching experience should be given a top 15 job in his first outing.

You’re so sensitive about Saban. I like him. He’s a great coach. I love that he’s consistently advocated for 9 conference games. I’m just pointing out something that should be obvious - recruiting is the most important part of coaching.

I think FSU can do better than Deion because they can get someone who can recruit who also has more experience than Neon does. They could also do worse than Deion - anyone who can’t recruit would be worse.

You do realize Deion last played in the NFL when the average 2020 recruit was 3 years old, right? This idea a name with no coaching history all of the sudden is going to pull recruits from Miami and UF is just weird.

Also, not sensitive about Saban. Just saying you’re being ignorant to the fact he won a NC with teams where his first true recruiting class was sophomores. Recruiting is only part of it. The process and buying into his system is much more important. Avery Johnson recruited well in hoops in Bama but he didn’t have a system or a plan to develop that talent. College is more than just rolling 4 and 5 * players out. UF should not have lost with Urban Meyer and Tebow in Saban’s first NC with Bama according to your theory.

Bottom Line, Deion isn’t a real candidate. He lacks any of the tools and isn’t a better recruiter just because his nickname was Prime.

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Pat Reilly did OK and he came straight out of the broadcasting booth.

What college did he coach?

He didn’t need no stinking college to coach; but he did go to some half-assed college in Kentucky. :slight_smile:

Agreed. I think coaching college football And Basketball is a different bag than coaching the NBA.

Probably right. Anyway, it’s Rich Eisen’s idea, not mine. FSU can go back to being a girls school for all I care.

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