Rice Eccles Stadium this week

I was there walking my dog and saw that the stadium was open. I walked in and took some photos. I’ll post a few here.


That addition certainly gives us more of a “big time” look.

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Gives the south end a whole new look compared to the humble building that used to be there. (Stated before of course I feel bad for the long time fans who were pushed out of seats they had for decades)


did they keep the urinal trough as a keepsake to medieval times.

More photos:

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Saw an analysis from baseball back east. The trough is much more efficient moving people through and preferred by fans because they are in a hurry…

It really does.

had to resuscitate an old thread for this:

No offense to the MUSS. But they get a lot of credit for what the NEZ does. I don’t sit in that section but will admit the NEZ is the most daunting section of fans in all of college football.


I truly believe they reinforce each other,. NEZ was tough in the old days, but got massively reinforced with the insanity in the Student Section. I was so happy when a cheesy old term from the fight song was used in such a clever way to name the organized group. And how there being such competition to get into The MUSS? Unthinkable for me and my hardcore buddies back in 1994 when we helped drag down the N goalpost; somewhere I still have a peice of that thing after the group leader had it cut up LOL It is awesome that our Student Section is so highly regarded and feared across the country,. I’m not sure there is a way to promote a campaign for the NEZ that way LOL

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We don’t get the shameless pub we get for having one of the most intimidating places to play without a stadium-wide effort. The MUSS and the NEZ are the most physically active in their response; but the folks in the East, West, and South (though sitting most of the time) definitely brought their lungs and voices to the party.

True. And I don’t believe one has to stand thru the entire game to be considered helping out the cause.


The absence of a big board on the north end of the stadium is what makes the south end zone seats kind of ridiculous. You can’t see the game well from there, unless you’re up high, so you’re constantly turning around to see what the big board shows you about what just happened on the field. I’ve always
wondered what they were thinking. They wanted to make the south endzone seats expensive and desirable–but when you can’t see the game from there…? Looks like they at least have a plan for dealing with that problem.

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There was a short-lived effort to promote the NEZ that was supported by the Crimson Club, but fizzled after a couple of seasons.

I thought each of those premium seats had little monitors like on a Jet Blue flight. Am I wrong about that?

Some do–ironically, those seats that are higher and already have a better view of the field. It’s a matter of how much $$$ someone donates. (Funny how that works!)

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I keep telling the ticket reps that they are pricing people out, but they don’t seem to want to listen. They just keep going with the mantra “98% renewal rate”. That works for now, until it doesn’t.