Report: Pac-12 considering buying out Larry Scott's contract early -

Please please please please please…

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I suspect that it, firing Larry Scott, would do morale a ton of good at the PAC12 offices. I think it’d do even better to move the offices from SF to Vegas, Phoenix, SLC, Denver, some place much less expensive but still has talent to fill their needs. I don’t know enough about broadcasting, but I’d bet moving that from SF to elsewhere would do wonders as well to the bottom line.

At the very least this is a good break from Covid, riots, and other crazy stuff.

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The fact that Scott failed to step up and take a significant cut in light of the C19 crisis is very telling and should be the final nail in his coffin. No reason to wait until 2022 when his contract expires- time to get new blood.

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Yes!! I’ll forever love him for getting the Utes into the Pac-12 but it’s time to go.

It is interesting to me that 10 years ago, Larry Scott was a rock star in Salt Lake, and a hero to most all of us.

What killed it for me was several years ago when he teased that he had an exciting announcement to make. Some of us thought that they had finally made a breakthrough with DirecTV, only to find out that his excitement was over the fact that his contract had been extended. It was then that I realized him being the commissioner of the conference was mostly about him.