Recruiting Thread (for Utah Football Recruiting News)

Just saw this. Good pick up.

Same high school as Dixon and Shelley.

Are we seeing a Colton Swan effect with the uptick in LB recruiting?

Next season we may see him in two spots…

Either in the cafeteria pounding grub, or the weight room to turn the grub into mass.

If we are lucky, the kid gets here for the spring to begin the process so he maybe is ready for game action.

Regardless, a good get.

Some 2019 recruiting updates

Darren Jones WR never made it to Snow. He’s played 2 games at East Los Angeles College. 4 catches, 2 touchdowns, 34 yards total. Not sure of the full story but I’m guessing he’s mostly committed to getting his grades in line to hopefully one day go Div1…hopefully still Utah. But playing with ELAC to be on scholarship and stay in shape. FYI, Jones was Jayden Daniels WR in high school last year.

Mique Juarez OLB, never showed up at Utah. UCLA delcared him medically barred from playing at UCLA, meaning he couldn’t play anywhere I guess? He still hopes on joining Utah next season 2020.

Damian Alloway, former 4* WR left UCLA and hopes to join Utah next season, as of news earlier this week. Speedy WR currently at Mt. San Antonio, 21 receptions 4 touchdowns. 16 yards per catch. Nothing official about joining Utah, LA Times reported it 10/16

LaColby Tucker, 6’8" 305 OT played at Garden City CC. At Utah but still needing his academics. Hopefully next season. Rumors were circling in the summer that he would end up at BYU, according to his Twitter account he’s still very much a Ute.

Simote Manumanu Pepa 6’3" DT currently on an LDS mission in Lansing Michigan. #3 player in the state last season out of Bingham. 2021 planned return to Utah.

Sione Vaki 3* safety/wide receiver state champion in NE Bay Area of California. Currently serving an LDS mission and plans on joining Utah in 2021.

Junior Tafuna 6’3" OLB out of Bingham. Currently on an LDS mission and plans on joinging Utah in 2021.

Hunter Lotulelei 6’2" OG from Highland High. Currently on an LDS mission in Washington DC. Plans on joining Utah next season in 2020.

Tennessee Pututau OLB. Currently on an LDS mission. Plans on joining Utah next season in 2020.

Jaren Kump 6’6" OT from Herriman. Currently on an LDS mission in Brazil. Plans on joining Utah next season in 2020.

Jonny Fanaika - 6’3" DE Currently on an LDS mission. Plans on joining Utah next season in 2020.

Former players
Jack Tuttle - Indiana - 2019 stats 5/10 27 yards - 6 rush for 11 yards
Jackson Cravens - Boise St


Thanks for the update! ASU fans were talking smack on Reddit about how bad our recruiting ranking is, but it seems like we will be in good shape going forward.

One reason the Utah recruiting rankings are always going to be low are missionaries. They don’t ever count. The year they commit, they never sign. When they finally sign, they technically walk-on. So the recruiting rankings don’t pick them up.

It is a dynamic that is fairly unique to the Utah schools. If you ask the Hallandale Three, they might be able to provide a good perspective on how they saw it coming in.

Dennis did us a solid landing those kids.

Terrific post. I had wondered about a number of those recruits and this post addresses them all.

Anyway He would come to Utah?

Going back to the discussions regarding NIL, the Portal, and Coaching Carousel…who the hell knows where some of these kids will land.

All I know is there is going to be calliope music involved…and maybe an Über eats commercial.

I figure whoever shows up to play, we cheer for them. If they decide to bail, we thank them and offer best wishes on their future endeavors.

Most of all, we all have fun and enjoy the entertainment…just not as much as certain Billsfans and Bluejays fans because we want our fan experience to be family friendly, and not something out of a porn novel…only with much more alcohol and bad judgement involved…and maybe a couple of cops…hopefully no paramedics.

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Excited next year to have an experienced O Line, Tavion and Micah back, and this kid looking to contribute.