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Comment below what you like the best or what you’d like to see improved.

The new format is very intuitive. I like that.

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I really like it so far, thanks for doing this! I will miss that my date joined is no longer 20 years old though.


I was thinking that same thing this morning. I’m not as long standing as you are, but I’ve spent almost two decades here - which I’m not sure whether I should be proud or ashamed. :wink:

I don’t mind the fresh start as we’ve all said regrettable things on the old site. Let’s start over, it’s like a Utefans baptism but without the jacuzzi.


Love how much easier it is to use/read on a mobile device than the old format.


Haven’t had a whole lot of time to spend, and won’t for a while, but I like what I see so far. Very easy to use and a better overall look. I’m looking forward to when I have more time to participate.

Four out of five, although that may change as I get used to it. It feels a little cluttered, but that’s likely just me not being used to other message board layouts. Other than that it feels very 2019ish.

And, even though I participated pretty heavily in political discussions before, I’m actually glad you chose to omit the category. Hopefully that will bring back people who left over the years, and earn new members that were turned off by it. Great job guys!

Thanks, we actually thought as we launched the board to put a bit of a moratorium on political and religious discussion, just to get the good vibe back here. We will likely bring that section back, but it will be a category that is ‘earned’ (and possibly require to be a donor) and will always be an opt-in versus an opt out. Those discussions will also never appear to the public or in the ‘latest’ feed. So basically, if you want to talk politics you can, but we won’t allow people to drag the whole board into the discussion.

Of course these are conceptual ideas, and the verdict is out if that will work, but I think having the right tone here is priority - and I think that is a balance of keeping the community and connection outside of Utah sports, while also not letting it overrun the purpose of the board.


One other thing, like you I like clean layouts. If you go to your preferences panel (click on your icon in the top right, then click on your boardname, then go to preferences.) There is an ‘interface’ section, I’ve switched that to the ‘light’ them which makes it seem a lot cleaner to me.

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I switched to the cleaner look and like it better. I’ll play around with it.

I have been a member for a long, long time but hardly every post. I just enjoy the discussion and what can be learned about my team from the site. I could never log back in to the old site so this really is great for me. Easy to see what you want to open and I will definitely “opt out” of the political discussions. Just me…

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I’ll come back to vote later, still in the “messing around to see what I break” phase of learning the new format, hotkeys, etc.

I like the new look and the light theme. Any way to have the theme automatically transition between light and dark based on time of day? The light theme kills my at night. Also, one feature I like on the old site was being able to see an entire thread when signed it. Is there a toggle somewhere on this version to enable that? Call me lazy but I don’t like having to click on every post to read the comments.

Thanks and great work on the new site.

Good suggestions - no way to automatically do that, but I did add the ability to toggle easily between themes in the hamburger menu top right.

I like the readability of the expanded thread as well - but currently not a way to do that just yet. I am getting used to it though and kind of like that I can easily skip by stuff I don’t want to read.

Who dahell is voting less than 5??? This is way a milltion times better than the old site!!!

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I haven’t had enough time yet to play around with all the features, so I’ll vote a bit later. It seems easy to navigate and find what I need. Definitely seems easier to post vids, links, and pics, without worrying about scaling. So far so good! Thanks for your efforts!

I confess. I voted 4, but only because it is all too new to me to give an unqualified 5. So instead, I am giving a qualified 4. If I were merely comparing this site to the old site (and eliminating nostalgia from my answer), I would give it a 5. On its own merits it may be a five, but I need to look around a bit. There may be room for improvement—there often is with new things.

Still, great work. So far, I really like the new Utefans.