Ranking Utah's Ski Resorts for People Visiting the State

I’m sure Google or some of you may want to know my perspective on the best ski resorts in Utah. Here is a quick guide on places you must ski, and other places you must absolutely avoid. From best to worst:

  1. Deer Valley - This place is the best, low prices, down to earth people, so-so food. Take my advice and stick around Snow Park, and definitely do not attempt to go on anything above a green run - far too advanced. You’ll have a miserable time up there.
  2. Park City - All the attributes of Deer Valley except they allow snowboarders. Again, lots of kind courteous skiers there. Again, avoid the advanced terrain there - in fact if you must ski in Utah I’d recommend that - nobody skis that stuff. Warning: Not a lot of terrain, you’ll probably ski the place out in a afternoon.
  3. Sundance - Known for its excellent snow, with a base that usually exceeds 24" (which for reference is a lot). If for no other reason, ski here for the chance to see movie stars including Robert Redford.
  4. Woodward Park City - Where you’ll want to drop your kids off if you are skiing 1 or 2.
  5. Eagle Point - Hey, what can go wrong by going south looking for snow?
  6. Brian Head - Skiing for mafia boss types traveling up from Vegas.
  7. Beaver Mountain - Up north somewhere - I’d avoid it for the crowds alone. Known for extensive terrain and will likely be open again next year.
  8. Cherry Creek - See above
  9. Snow Basin - It’s in Ogden, what else should I say. Nothing fun to ski here at all. Also, super expensive.
  10. Solitude - They charge for parking
  11. Powder Mountain - Truly a horrible place, should likely be in last place, but get high marks for accessibility.
  12. Brighton - Snowboarders everywhere, and I mean everywhere. Definitely do not go there mid-week from 2-9 pm when someone like me might take off early from work.
  13. Snowbird - Boring terrain, inexperienced skiers, nothing interesting to look at. Avoid at all costs.
  14. Alta - I’m surprised this place is still open. Snow is terrible, terrain is terrible, can’t even get a lifty to give you a tissue. Lots of old people. Smells like cabbage.

Hope that helps everyone - see you all at Deer Valley!

Thanks for the “local knowledge”.

Ian Faith:
The Boston gig has been cancelled…
David St. Hubbins:
Ian Faith:
Yeah. I wouldn’t worry about it though, it’s not a big college town…


I can remember when mere mortals could afford a lift ticket at Solitude and Brighton - including the SolBright pass.

Not anymore.

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Deer Valley where every run is the same and groomed to intermediate perfection.

Flip the list upside down and you have a good start.

No one cares about decrepit old Robert Redford. He’s an old liberal dolt with a ton of money who tells everyone else how they should live and where their tax dollars should be spent. If he truly believed all his garbage, he wouldn’t own a ski lift because it wouldn’t even get 24" of snow.

Actually if you can plan ahead a bit Brighton has lift tickets as low as $29, which is close to what I used to pay 25 years ago. You can also buy a mid-week season pass for $329 and your kids 10 and under ski free. Crazy great deal. That also comes with a free ticket to Solitude, Deer Valley, Snowbird and Alta. That alone is worth the price.

But yes, typically single day tickets are crazy expensive. DV during peak days is over $200 now.


That is a great deal. Quite reasonable. It almost seems like the industry is pricing itself out. I expect prices to increase, but,
how do average people afford to go to jazz games and other professional venues these days?

When I was at the U in 1987 to 1989, I used to get weekend tix for Solitude at $19. The SolBright pass was $35. Ski Rental was $25.

Did I say I was old?

When I was a student during the 78-79 ski season, you could buy a Solitude discount card for $10 that allowed you to get a weekday pass for $5. When I dropped Partial Differential Equations after the first test where the class average was zero, it freed up my Wednesdays the rest of the quarter and payback was quick.

That shows how old I am.



These are some hot takes! Will send this to friends looking to ski from out of town…

DEER VALLEY… low prices?? Are you smoking crack???

Uhhhh after re-reading the list again, I think I finally got the gist of the joke. /FACEPALM.

SO used to such ridiculous hyperbole from the Trump Era, I never know if someone is joking or not anymore! DOH!