Random thoughts on the Texas-Tyler exhibition

Tough to tell much from an exhibition.

Surprised the starters played so many minutes. I guess Larry thought they needed the minutes to learn how to play together.

Rebounding should be a strength. The Utes are big and deep up front. All the freshmen are going to get bounced around a bit while they gain strength, but they seem willing to go inside and bang.

FT shooting may be an issue. Allen and Jantunen were 17/18. The rest of the team was 4/11, and missed the front end of a couple of one and ones.

Outside shooting will have to improve. 7/23 from deep is not good. Only Brenchley hit more than 1. Could go either way.

Ball handling is iffy. 13 turnovers vs a D3 team is bad. There appear to be a few competent ball handlers on the team, but I didn’t see anyone who reminded me of “The Professor” from the AND 1 mixtape days. I think the Utes will struggle to score, and be turnover prone, against guards who play good D.

Thioune is going to be really good in a year or two. I wonder if Hakeem Olaijuwon is available for an assistant coaching gig? Jantunen may also be really good once he gets stronger.

Carlson was a pleasant surprise. Gach and Battin look improved. Allen, Jones, Brenchley and Van Komen were “as expected”. Didn’t see much of Plummer or Wenzel, although I thought Wenzel played well in his limited minutes.

We’ll have a better read on the team after the Nevada game.

My 2 cents.

Jones handles the ball as well as any true freshman, but the team as a whole needs to improve on this skill. Next, they need to learn more about moving without the ball and giving the ball handler more options for good targets for passing. Last, maybe that comes from playing together. With so many new faces it is hard for them to know the little things about each other to make passing smooth. Right now athletic teams in the pac would make it very difficult to pass. A good passing game keeps the defense from clasping on the ball handler because the ball finds the free man. I think everything else will come as the ball handling and passing comes into place. Hopefully great improvements are made before league play.

I thought the minutes were spread out pretty well, and K used lots of combinations.

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I was overall pleasantly surprised. There was a lot thrown at us, but I liked what I saw. There certainly will be a lot of up and down growing pains but Coach K has a lot to work with, and we have the height. Jones looks like the real deal and the one three that the kid from Puerto Rico made didn’t even move the net. They just need time and experience. I’m old enough to remember Stonybrook; it wasn’t one of those.

Now we just have to figure out who will be transferring at the end of the year… over under 2.5 players?

Thanks for reminding us about Stonybrook! That 's a bad memory.