Quickie Tulsa scouting report

They aren’t very big. Only 1 guy in their rotation is over 6’7". They play 8 guys.

They are 3-1. They won at home by 6 vs Oregon State! This could be a good measuring stick for the Utes. They also lost at home to Air Force, so they are inconsistent.

Put up 77 in a win over Rhode Island who are considered a good defensive team.

So far their best player has been transfer Jeriah Horne, who was Colorado’s 6th man last year. He’s their leading rebounder by far, and shoots well from 3. Unfortunately, he leads the team in turnovers too.

Guard Sam Griffin (6’3") does a lot of the scoring. He’s 39% from 3, and shoots almost 1/3 of their 3’s. He’s their Jenkins.

There’s another guard Keyshawn Embery-Simpson who hits 3’s at a good clip but doesn’t shoot much, and leads them in assists.

Only 1 thing jumps out of their team stats. They shoot a lot of FT’s and make 84%. I assume that means they drive a lot.

Shoot 20 3’s per game, and make 35%. 45 assists, 44 turnovers! Average rebounding.

That’s what I got with 15 minutes of digging. GO UTES!