Questions for Devaughn Vele & “Stump the Utes”

Hey guys,

We’ve got Devaughn Vele coming on “The Extra Point” tomorrow so if you have any questions you’d like to ask him, post them here.

We’re also starting a “Stump the Utes” segment for Jordan Wynn and Cal Beck, so if you have any good trivia questions you’d like to ask related to Utah Football, ask away here and we’ll address them on the show!

I appreciate your support and we are so excited to keep this thing rolling!


Who holds the record for most receptions in one game?

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Great question, keep ‘em coming!

Who has the most receiving TD’s in a single game? The same guy did it twice in the same year.

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If you were a car, what make and model would you be?

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Who’s the best coverage guy on our D?

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How does he prepare mentally for punt returns? How does he sense when to call for a fair catch vs return it?

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Stump Cal & Jordan: What’s the craziest fall camp or practice story the public didn’t know about at the time?