Question: should college game adopt NFL PI rule?

After watching a number of games today and seeing a number of intentional PIs to prevent long pass plays. Should the college game adopt the NFL PI rule to offset a defensive advantage? I’m two minds about it. It definitely makes it more of a chess games

Nah. College teams don’t have the depth at CB or accuracy of most QBs that tue NFL does (elite tes might). It’d probably increase the gap between elite teams and others. In college, I don’t mind a CB knowing he’s beat and committing a foul. Makes the offense earn it. NFL, their all good (best of the best) so have to really penalize that.

NFL should adopt the college rule! I hate the NFL pass interface penalty. Yes you can potentially negate a big gain but a 15yrd penalty is still a big deal.

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agreed, I dislike the spot foul in the NFL. It assumes that every catch would be made. Just make it a 15 yarder

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