QB Graveyard

Welp, it seems Brewer is just the latest QB to meet his fate in the Ute QB graveyard. Why oh why can’t Kwhitt fix this chronic problem?? More than a decade of watching a passing game that seems like no one feels confident in- ever.
I get a few bad season while you get the pieces you need to right the ship, but ever stinking year… it’s the same Keystone Cops plays then a camera close up on a kwhitt lip snarl…barking into his headphone mic at OC… rinse and repeat ever year.

I’ll be watch Aaron Rogers tonight ( arguably one of the best QB’s I’ve ever seen play), and I ask myself, would Rogers look great as a Utah QB? Honestly, if you don’t have time to throw the ball and your receivers can’t run routes/get seperation/hold on to ball…is it still possible to look great?

End of rant. but this decade long passing malaise takes its toll.

and yet if you look at Aaron Rodgers college stats, they are good but not great. If you want impressive college numbers you dont need to look any further than Tyler Huntleys senior season.


That’s kinda my point. Huntley had a good college career - but he spent way too much time running for his life and breaking bones. Imagine what Huntley would have done at say Oklahoma… dare I say Heisman candidate?

Huntley made our offense look ok, despite the sad facts we call the Utah “throw game”.

My point is a that a lot of these QB’s Utah throws into the scrap pile are actually very serviceable and probably pretty good. They just don’t have the platform to prove it.


I don’t disagree. It seems we stubbornly stick to what Whitt/Ludwig wants as a qb and play call accordingly but don’t usually have the line for it. We stubbornly don’t adjust the game plan or make in-game adjustments and more importantly, don’t adjust based on the personnel. If we don’t have a dual threat qb, then more screens and jet sweeps and other tactics could help keep the defense more honest rather than hoping the line gels and our qbs have no time to set their feet. Our pass protection is awful, our run protection is OK. But with a ‘better’ qb, we want to use that talent and it doesn’t work. You can almost see Whitt want to go back to 60/70% smash mouth run but then that’s really abandoning the qbs they’ve been able to attract. And the cycle continues.

What we are talking about is what I call Kyleball: Smashmouth blue-collar football with 3* athletes who have been coached up–an extraordinary number of whom get to the NFL. Very conservative offense, emphasis on defense–which is almost always superb. It has gotten us to where we are–which is very successful. It has made him the greatest Utah head football coach in history. It will never change. Kyleball may well be the only model that will work at Utah, with the recruiting disadvantages we have. Opinions vary widely on that proposition. I think we could try to be more like 2004, but that’s not going to happen, and I have made my peace with that reality. I hope KW can get a PAC-12 championship before he retires.

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“Kyleball may well be the only model that will work at Utah, with the recruiting disadvantages we have”

Probably correct on this. HOWEVER, there is zero reason why Utah can’t recruit a decent OL. zero.


No doubt.

We’ve come a long way from our QB being drafted #1.

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