Proton Mail

I’ve started using it as my personal e-mail platform, and am trying to reduce (and maybe stop altogether) my use of GMail. So far I really like Proton. Does anyone else use it?

No, but I’ve heard of it. Please tell us more as you go.

Proton Email is pretty good… it works. It’s from a group of scientists in Europe who wanted an ironclad, highly secure email system.

We had a researcher that used it, I think they encountered problems because some email systems would not accept email coming from Proton.

Because of the super security, it’s a little like the TOR browser - which is encrypted & intentionally ricochets around to a lot of places and makes itself highly difficult to track. When our IT sec department sees TOR traffic, they shut it down. Because of this security, TOR is viewed as a security threat itself - it’s a browser that pedophiles use, criminals, fugitives, etc.

Catch-22, like Bitcoin, which is so encrypted and difficult to trace it attracts money launderers, hackers use it for getting ransom, etc. (The big data analytics company / government contractor Palantir claims they can “unmask” the Bitcoin ecosystem… who knows if this is true or not.)

It would be interesting to see if you run into any issues like my colleague said they had with Proton… though that was a couple of years ago.

So far, so good. I am using it on a limited basis still, but it’s very clean and user-friendly. Archiving e-mails is easy and I like the idea that no one is scanning my e-mail for clues about my purchasing habits. (I don’t think GMail is user-friendly, although I’ve been using it for personal e-mail for years now.)

Yeah, I agree that Gmail is a turd. I use it the least I can. is OK.

Use browsers in incognito / privacy mode to cut down on unwanted spam coming from the browser.

I might look at Facebook about 2 times a week. I get zero political BS. I’m a low value customer, happy to keep it that way.