Problem with watching today's hoops game?

Official site says the game starts at 4:30 MT. Game is on PAC-12 network.

PAC-12 network site shows the game starting at 5:30 MT, and ending at 6:30 MT. A 1 hour game? My TV listings (Comcast) agree. Is this a programming error?

If these listings are correct, it appears the Ute game will be ‘joined in progress’ at halftime, after the conclusion of the Cal vs B.C. game. How do we see the first half of the game?

The official site would be expressing the tip time in PST, right? That’s consistent with the TV site saying 5:30pm MST. I doubt they’ll cut the game off at halftime (6:30pm MST). CBS Sports App shows the tip at 4:30pm MST.

I think I’ll go with a typo theory.

“Who’s on first?”

The mothership (ESPN) shows tip-off at 4:30 pm MST on the PAC 12 Network. Unless there is a game being played on the same floor before them (you know, tourney-type stuff), I am sure the time is the time, and the PAC 12 Network isn’t going to generate their own version of “the Heidi game” in their broadcast.


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The game is at 4:30 mountain time

Dish says P12 is airing it on tape delay WTF?!?

The Cal-Boston College game is on until 4:30pm. Then the Utah-SDSU game. Delayed.

Recently got YouTubeTv and not able to find it anybody using it and able to access?

I’m able to watch the game online PAC-12 network.

Wow. You called it. This is screwed up, and the ad they just had for later games didn’t even refer to us and SDSU.

You have a link by chance?

I think if you have Sling TV you can watch it live.

Pac12 App too

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If you have Comcast its live on channel 1330

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Not much to watch so far. 29-15 with 2:30 left in the half.

I didn’t realize that was the Pac-12 MT.

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