Pre fall camp stuff UF v Utah

Ok, here is my first thread start in a long time. Thanks for letting me back in here.

Having a first game with the University of Utah certainly gets ones attention. I hope that is the same for our coaches and players. What is sure to be a top ten team and the defending Pac 12 Champions coming to Gainesville is exciting, and, well, puts the new coaching staff to the test straight away.

The coincidence here is that the first Gator game I attened was against Utah, in 1977. We won, but it was close.

In brief, I think our 1’s are going to be ok. Because of past issues in recruiting there is not a lot of quality depth. We still have questions at QB, although Anthony Richardson is freakish athletically, but has to to prove he can be a quality QB in the SEC, and has had health issues. The OL should be improved but again, improved from rock bottom is not hard.

Full stable of Rb’s but the WR position is a question.

Early prediction…Utah wins. I wish I could predict an upset, but I just don’t see it. You have too much coming back and solid coaching.

More later just a conversation starter really.


Howdy RR,

I remember that game in '77 - Wes Chandler, right?

First games are always a wildcard, even for a veteran team. I hope we fly out a few days in advance to get a chance to adjust to the time & the humidity.

Road game in the EST timezone favors UF. First year headcoach favors us, a little.

Any beads yet on your new coaching staff? How was Diabate as a LB for y’all?

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What’s the best Florida board?

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Any bar or restaurant recommendations in Gainesville? Ideally not too opposing fan-hostile, lol.

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Your team faded in the 4th quarter back then. Chandler and Lecount did the stuff back in the day. Wasn’t supposed to be that close.

As far as Diabate goes, he is good. Our 2nd leading tackler last year, so yeah…no slouch.

The new coaching staff seems way good. Napier seems to have a plan for everything, but we shall see. So far, most of us like the guy and the staff.




That was in the days of radio only for a lot of road games, but we had a FR CB named Jeff Griffin who went on to play for the Cards in St. Louis. I followed Chandler with the Saints, based on that game.

Well Spurrier’s would be cool. :slight_smile:



I would just point out the the Florida fan base is basically no different from any other in the SEC. For the most part, way cool, but you might run into a few yahoos. Happens.

Rock on