Prayers for Tonga

I grew up with so many Tongans in the IE. I know many are LDS. There are probably people on here who know so many there. Our prayers and and anything you can share on how to help would be great:

Mou lahi ofa atu Tonga!

I know a lot of folks who will either need help or have family that need help. This will impact a lot of our players, indirectly.

I was at my cousin’s house when CNN was showing a volcano eruption somewhere in Africa, and those in the family watching on TV were affected emotionally in a way I couldn’t quite relate to.


Now it seems to be affectinhtg Hawaii and the west coast. Hopefully it isn’t as bad as I fear:

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I woke up this morning in Oceanside, CA with phone going off with a Tsunami Alert of pending one-three ft. tsunami waves. First time I’ve ever seen or heard of this. And I didn’t know there was such a thing as the San Diego Tsunami Warning Center.


One of my favorite people I ever worked with and his wife are currently doing an LDS mission in Fiji. I’m not seeing that they’ve had issues. I hope not.

But here’s an incredible satellite video loop showing the eruption and the shock waves moving through the ocean. Lots of power there.

Tonga volcano eruption and shock waves

Edit: Tsunamis are really interesting. I just read that on Kauai there were 1 ft waves for the most part, but in Hanalei they were 3 ft. If you were to draw a line from Hanalei to Tonga the whole island is in the way. It all depends on the topography of the ocean bottom, apparently.


I was watching a broadcast link from a discord server in part of in Japan. The East coast of Japan has warnings of anything from 20 or 30 cm to 1.2 M above normal tides. Lots of warnings for people to head to higher ground. Roads are packed in some areas. JapaNews24 ~日本のニュースを24時間配信 - YouTube the commentators are speaking in Japanese but it may be interesting to some here.

This is insane.




Good Lord. That guy is super human.

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