Pray Fox Sports has an early baseball game

Georgia-Oregon and Notre Dame Ohio State on Sept. 3 are both set for ABC at 3:30 and 7:30. So, it looks like Utah at Florida will fall to Fox. Anything around 3:30 pm EST or before is death in the September Sun in Gainesville.

Edit. I didn’t look at LSU vs FSU’s day. They play Sunday so Utes and UF could be ESPN?

Who is making the trip down to God’s forgotten land to visit the people who wander the Swamps and backwaters? Plus, side you can play a great game of catch there.

Could be a fun trip for us, down I-95. Long drive though.

Nothing fun about Florida but to see your team win in that dump is fun.

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Personally, I’d prefer Gainesville in, say, November. Early September in swampy Ea NC is awful. I bet FL at same time is at least as awful.

But a win in The Swamp? Yeah, that could be fun.

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I went in September and it was no bueno.

I was going to go (even had flights and plans), but then my family that’s in FL is not going to be there and I’ve been to Texas games in Sept/Oct and also realized my jorts budget got cut to zero so I would stand out too much. But I did trade it with coming into town for USC in Oct - will be looking for any spare tickets when we get to that.

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I’m going to Florida. Not looking forward to the weather, but…


Does Fox have any rights to SEC home games? I could be wrong, but I don’t believe they do.

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They don’t but ABC/ESPN has chosen their games and if I remember correctly CBS starts a week later with conference only. Not sure if Meyer is back yet with Fox but they may push that narrative as well.

only 8 hours that’s not bad

If you’ve driven I-95, that’s an incorrect statement about not bad. All it takes is 1 vehicle to have a flat and traffic gets backed up for miles. Here in NC, through at least part of SC and north to at least Richmond it’s 2 lanes both directions. I-95 needs to be 3 or 4 lanes both directions for current traffic loads.

Off my soap box about traffic on the east coast. We’d love to see the game, but Gainesville is a LONG assed drive.

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