Post game thoughts

TOs were the story of the game. We fix the TO issues and things would be different. We may not have won, but we very well could have. And the worst part is, the TOs were all unforced dumb dumb moments. Fix that and we are fine.

That and the OL. They were terribad in the first half. Shore it up, guys.

Harding needs to go.

It was a 2020 kind of a game.

OL was porous; will probably get fixed
Young DB’s missed way too many tackles; expect that to get fixed
Number of turnovers catastrophic; don’t expect that again
Bentley appears to not have a very strong arm; can’t fix that

I expect a better outing for the next game; whenever that is.

Playing worse teams will help. But any Utah opponent with competent coach will blitz on every down until we show that we can handle it. That was the approach during the Wilson years (poor Travis was always running for his life). Huntley and Moss were enough to keep opposing defenses honest.

Ludwig really has to earn his paycheck now. How is he going to punish opposing defenses who just blitz, blitz, blitz?

Deleted-dupe post

If we only had a good tight end with great hands that received more PAC12 1st team preseason votes than anyone else in the conference that the QB could make a quick dump off pass to might work, but where are we going to find a player like that?