Placing UF.N signs

So I was up on Foothill and Sunnyside minding my own business placing lawn signs when I witnessed a very serious car accident. It took place in the exact spot I was in just about 2 minutes prior. So, needless to say, it made for an interesting evening. Fortunately, only minor injuries to the two drivers involved. The UF.N sign I placed did in fact survive the accident.

Glad you are safe
Hope everyone is too.
That intersection is particularly dangerous for bikes b/c morning/evening sun is in one lanes face and people get antsy and push the yellow light (or even red)
Also people drive like aggressive idiots…


There is a “special dispensation” allotted to anyone placing UF.N signs, which includes additional protection from above. Of course the sign was OK, and of course you were OK, you were doing the work for a higher cause. :slight_smile:

Kidding of course - Glad you’re ok, and yes, that intersection has been dangerous for decades…

(I’ll wait for it, but I’m pretty sure a current UteFan poster, grew up on that corner, but I cannot recall now who it is…)

EDIT: Oh, and, good looking sign!

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We saw the same sign and the same crash. There was a fairly young woman maybe around 20-ish that was using the sign to write her version of the crash vertically to start. When she finished and stood up she somehow pulled it out of the ground. (That gives you an idea how long the light to turn left from Foothill is). She tried to put it back in but couldn’t. There were 3 SLC cops right by her that could help but none did. I think she finally got it. The light turned green before we could help.