PK Jadon Redding given a full scholarship today

Massive congrats to him.

Good for him. It is a bit surprising though, considering how little he was trusted to kick FGs this season… or at least that is what it seemed like. Maybe it was just a lot of 4th and shorts outside his range.

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I thought we had a 5* recruit coming in at PK?

Real question is whether we’re going to upgrade at punter, which is desperately needed.

Last year I read the punter would be as good or better than Wish. That didn’t turn out.

I wonder if awarding a scholarship to the PK indicates Utes wil be needing fewer come signing day? With the depleted DB situation that is concerning.

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Something was definitely wrong with the kicking game this season, and I’m not sure it was the kickers themselves who were at fault. We had field goal attempts and punts blocked in key moments of key games (USC and Oregon) and I don’t recall ever seeing that happen to a Kyle Whittingham team.

That blocked punt against Oregon was devastating. After that, Lennon went to quick kicking and his already poor distance and hang time worsened considerably. On his best days during warm-ups he can barely hit 40 yards in the air and that comes with really bad hang times.

I think the wrapping is off on the Aussie Rules punters. Their pre-kick trots to the side are considered a run out of the box, leaving them vulnerable to getting crushed by chasing defenders. If that is what’s giving them distance, which they lose when they attempt to kick straight on, then I think that Utah needs to reconsider its recruitment of punters.

Utah was not the only one taken by a surprisingly weak Aussie punter. USC picked up a 29 year old one who reportedly was kicking it 75 yards in practice. He never even got close that in games and was lucky to hit 40 yards. However he did have good hang time.

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