Pick the Score, Utah @ Washington

Utah 31-Washington 30.

Not cool man! But really good guess!

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Sad face…

Since I guessed it first I wonder what the rule is.

If you guessed it first, then I’d assume you’d win. Congrats!

Yes, the first guesser is the winner - sorry I overlooked that - although I feel like there should be some punishment for picking against our team. Maybe @SheeeeeUTE can send you some BYU gear instead. :wink:


Don’t tempt him!


Let me know your size. I already know where you live. :slight_smile:

I’m on the One America News Network, and it clearly shows that Utah won 31-30. So why are you giving my goodies to some one watching fake news!!! I DEMAND to know.


Large, please. Fitted cap is 7 1/4.

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