Pick the Score! Utah vs USC

I pray I’m not jinxing anything by posting this, but our friend @SheeeeeUTE and Fink and McGregor are sponsoring a pick the score contest. The person with the closest score wins a fabulous prize and the admiration of the elderly.

Put your picks in response to this thread. Scores must be posted by kickoff tomorrow. If duplicate scores are posted, the person posting first wins. GO UTES!!!

If this gets canceled it’s on you! Also Utah 35 USC 31.

utah 34-31

Rocker trying to put the voodoo on the team…

Utah 35, U$C 27

Utah 31-27

USC 31 UTAH 42

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Utes 28 Profoes 21

Utes 28 - USC 27

good guys 28
bad guys 23

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Utah 10 new infections
USC 5 new infections

Utah by 5


Utah 35

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27-21 Utah

Utah 2-0

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I’ll go out on a limb and pick USC in this game, I don’t see our inexperienced defensive secondary being able to stop USC’s WRs.

Utah 17 USC 45

Utes 16-10

Utah 39-USC 37.

USC- 24

USC 42 UTAH 24. Not because they are that much better but because of the circumstances.

Utes 23 USC 17

27-21 Utes