Perusing CB, and it’s kinda a little sad

Most of the recent threads are about how the playoff committee will pass on Utah. Imagine waking up on Sunday morning (or worse, posting Saturday night) after your team just destroyed their opponent the previous night, and realizing that it means absolutely nothing. Not because it’s a down year for your team, but because even if BYU was undefeated they would have zero chance of making a four team playoff. That means your primary concern is whether or not your one-loss rival will get a shot at a national championship.

This isn’t even fair anymore. The programs are on such different levels, and that ain’t gonna change unless they get in a P5 conference soon. Even if they grab an occasional win from Utah, it won’t narrow the gap. I almost, almost feel bad for them, and am more convinced than ever that scheduling them is counterproductive.

I don’t feel a bit sorry for them and never will.


I said “almost” twice for a reason.


No pity for the kitties. Next year’s win makes it a decade of domination and puts another mark in the record books regarding this game. They will be thankful for the schedule break coming up so we can have our Home and Home with Florida.

There is nothing worse than having your season end at the beginning of the season at the hands of the team you really want to be.


Good luck on almost feeling bad for them. Let me know how that works out for you.

Screw 'em.


We already have a decade of domination. They haven’t beat us since 2009.


Unfortunately, the fan base hasn’t changed. I’ll never feel sorry for them.


I am giving them the “Break Credit” on things. Game-wise, after we beat them next season, it will be 10 in a row - setting the new win streak record and sending them to the Hall of Shame.

Though the bowl game would make it 11…:thinking::thinking::thinking:

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Given how our 2’s & 3’s have played against OSU, ASU, & AZ I hope we can continue the domination. They have to fill some big shoes next season. Counting on our coaches to do their usual fine job of putting the team together.

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Jeesh, y’all are ruthless. I dig it.


I just love the Utah will lose to Oregon and be relegated to the crappy Cotton Bowl.

My dudes, our consolation prize is your best ever bowl.


I think if we lose one of the next 2 games we’re in the Alamo.

I’d be happy to throw an anchor to the Zoobs.


Yea, screw those pricks.


:+1: Excellent point.