Penn State to get Rose Bowl bid? Ohio State reportedly doesn't want it

“The Buckeyes themselves requested that the Rose Bowl take Penn State if Ohio State doesn’t make the playoff.”

Depending on our outcome and TCU’s, seems like it could be Utah vs Penn St. (Ohio St. would he in CFP), UW vs Penn St. (Ohio St. In CCG with TCU loss) or UW vs Ohio St. (if USC, TCU join UGA, UM in CFP). I don’t think there is a realistic scenario Utah vs Ohio St. happens. So maybe UW isn’t good enough for them.

Rose has the right to pick a replacement. Usually is the highest ranked left, but doesn’t have to be I guess. Maybe they don’t want repeats (unless it is the champ, then there is no choice).

If they bow out of Rose, are they playing for an at-large in the Cotton (probably against Tulane)? Or not playing a bowl game if not in the CFP? Seems like the B1G will have something to say about this.

Nicole Auerbach said in her article linked above that Ohio State would most likely end up in the Orange Bowl:

Should the Rose Bowl take Penn State, Ohio State would likely go to the Orange Bowl, which takes the highest available Big Ten or SEC team to face the ACC champion.

Ah. Thanks. I guess Ohio St./Clem seems like blue blood battle haha.

My cousin played in the Penn State marching band. Family war!

Oh, what sad times are these when passing ruffians can say “ni” to old ladies and Ohio State can say 'Ni" to the Rose Bowl


Yeah, imagine being so successful that the Rose Bowl seems pedestrian and you would turn down an invitation… I just want to Utes to win one!

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Actually, if we don’t find a way to victory on Friday and the RB committee chooses UW, I would rather go to the Holiday Bowl than Alamo. I think a lot of Ute fans would agree.

San Diego vs San Antone? No brainer for where I’d prefer to spend a few days.


I wonder what the players would prefer. Anyone have a SoCal and Texas count of players/starters?

San Diego a lot closer than San Antonio and last time we played in the Alamo, was essentially a home game for Texas.

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