"Penn State had better buckle up..." -- article from Pennlive

See #2.

Oddly offended and pleased at the same time :woozy_face:

Yeah, I think Cam is a quality guy and a hell of a leader. Not some cheap-■■■ mobster trying to be made. But everyone seems to adulate the awful mob culture with some type of jewelry rattling fascination.
The sad reality is, when the hit comes, it’s from someone the mark is close to because; ultimately, there is no honor among thieves, only selfish opportunism and greed.

Hmmm, I wonder what team that sounds more like…


The writer has an odd fascination with Mob culture. All we did was hand a first class beat down to a team everyone was crowning even before the game got played.

To quote the great Lou Brown, I hope they all are enjoying their nice Sh!tburger today.



Love this comment:

“The Utes and their leader sort of smiled in the face of the Trojans’ best shot. Then they ran over and through them throughout the final quarter in a garish display of badassery.”


Penn State only played two good schools and lost to them both. Weak schedule may have them looking better than they actually are. Should be a good game.


He’s movie aragorn. Fighting through injury and everything.

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