Paid for my football tickets. Hope have a season and

Doesn’t get FUBAR’d by the pandemic. Hope your all safe n wel. Carry on

Thanks for your contribution

My biggest fear is that they end up having a “fanless”, TV-only season, but find some loophole to not refund our tickets. Giving us “priority viewing” privileges, or something stupid like that.

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Would seriously doubt they would say “Thanks for buying tickets, but you have to stay home and watch a game played in an empty stadium on TV and you don’t get compensated” Tickets aren’t in THAT high a demand.

My biggest fear is that the season is played as scheduled, fans are allowed to go to the games, but the virus situation is such that (with my wife’s respiratory challenges) I don’t feel it’s safe going to the games, and cannot get a refund.

Indeed I’m in a situation where my wife (who is in a vulnerable health category) will not feel safe with me attending events with large groups of people for quite some time. But more and more I get the feeling with trends in California (smaller schools already pretty much said no fall sports) and Oregon (no large events through September) that we may not see any games at all.