PAC12 Championship Game

Anyone else really nervous about this game?

Personally I think this is one of the biggest games that Utah has ever had. The 2004 BCS buster was historic. The 2008 Sugar bowl win was a huge evolution for the program but a win tomorrow guarantees at least the Rose Bowl and perhaps a shot at the playoff/NC. There has been a lot of debate about which Utah team has been the best. I personally think this team is the deepest and best overall team we have ever had. The 2004/2008 teams had some great players but I think the 2019 team is deeper.

A lot of people here seem to be brimming with confidence that the outcome is a sure thing. Good for you. My pessimistic nature does not allow me to be so confident.

Oregon is a good team. They have a solid run game and a likely high NFL draft pick QB. Let alone the talent that they have on the O/D lines and at the speed positions.

I like our chances but I think it will be a tough fought game.


This is Utah’s biggest game ever because there is a wider swing of what is on the line with this game than any other time. We win and win big, we have a decent shot at getting into the CFP -> a game changer for the program. We lose, or even lose big and we could potentially be back to the Alamo bowl. The contrast couldn’t be more stark.

In 2004 there was no question we’d win to get to the BCS and also no question we’d win the Fiesta Bowl. In 2008 we had nothing to lose and it was expected that we’d drop to 'Bama. Tomorrow is all in.


I think we will be seeing a lot of the defense playing in the NFL next year. The D may be the best in football outside of Ohio State and maybe Clemson.

But I’m like you. I’m pessimistic, because none of my teams ever win when it matters, except for the Syracuse Orange in the 2003 NCAA championship game. Also, I just don’t trust Whittingham to get it done, though at least I don’t ask Cthulhu to take Whit somewhere far away this year.

Oregon is built a little bit like Utah, but with an NFL top pick QB. But I guess we’ll see tomorrow. I’ll have a bottle of tequila ready either way.

I am not a pessimist by nature, but I am old enough to have lived through the many – many years of disappointment whenever Utah is hyped (remember TCU 2010 – ESPN Gameday in the house). This has given me what some on this board have aptly named UTE FAN PTSD…bottom line, I am nervous before EVERY SINGLE game.

I want to see the UTEs win and win big. I know they have the ability to do so, and based on what we have seen this year they should. But there is a small voice in the back of my mind (I know I should get that checked) that is saying “here we go again”……

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Even moreso in the national media. I’m really hoping the players are ignoring the growing number of “should Utah be in the playoff” articles that assume we’ve already won. I can pretty much guarantee the Oregon players are paying attention and using it as motivation.

Tomorrow is going to be a really difficult game. I think we absolutely have the talent to win, but a sloppy field and poor weather can introduce some significant chaos. We better have our heads on straight and come out strong. Oregon is too good of a team to let them jump out the gate with a lead like other teams have done this year.


I’ll add that despite my PTSD, this team is different in every way. When we were down early against Washington there was no panic. They knew what they needed to do to get the game back and they did it. Our team is physically unrelenting and we wear people down and by half we are rolling over them. That gives me confidence. I am certain they are appropriately focused.


I am and always have been a plan for the worst and be pleasantly surprised kind of guy. Pessimist at heart. I have not made solid plans for any bowl games travel or transportation wise as I am not going to count the chickens/ducks before tomorrow night but…

Ludwig is back and he was the mastermind behind the blitz of first quarter points we put up on Alabama at the Sugar Bowl and that was glorious. Tyler reminds me of BJ a lot, not flashy but gets the ball to the receivers and Moss is a beast. I am optimistic they have been planning this game plan for a few weeks in spite of the one game at a time mantra.

I agree with Rocker whose post popped up while I was typing this that there is no sense of panic with this team. All in all they have almost turned me in to a dammed optimist. Go Utes!!


We’re winning by 9!

Book it!



“My pessimistic nature does not allow me to be so confident.”

Feel the force, let go.


I would love to see the Utes dominate Oregon and get into the playoffs. Realistically I’d be happy to go to the Rose Bowl. The disappointment from being close but never there is real. A win tomorrow and then making the playoffs could do wonders for recruiting and brand building. A big loss and a lot of good will nationally goes away.

This years team is deep and talented. They have what it takes to win, if they show up and put it all together.


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The performance of the team right now is awesome. That said, they have to win tomorrow to achieve the next step in the program. It’s going to be a knock down, drag out in the rain that will require our A game to show up on the field. Anything less will result in a loss.


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Not a pessimist, but I know that the Ducks are a damned good football team. They had a heart breaking last minute loss to Auburn and somehow fell apart against ASU, but have played very well in most of their other games. Utah indeed has to play their best game tomorrow and hopefully we can then celebrate a conference title and spend Saturday cheering for LSU, Baylor, and (long shot) Clemson, then hope for a little love from the committee.