PAC championship game

What I saw last evening was one team who scouted the opponent and one that did not. Oregon new precisely how to limit the Utes. The Utes depended upon prowess to accomplish what it had done all season.

Just how many times does a team need to send a running back into a 9 man front before it can be seen to not work

Oregon beat Utah at Utah’s game. They stopped the run, rushed the passer, possessed the ball, ran the ball, won special teams and won the line of scrimmage on both sides. Ball game.


What I hate is the Zoobs, my Clemson loving in-laws and just about everyone else that spouts the SEC, BIG whatever party line as nauseum…
It’s college football. They are young. They are human beings.

I love this team. I love the institution. It changed my life. It adds to the community in so many possitive ways.
We have nothing to be ashamed of. We didn’t measure up, but we are superlative in so many ways. This is our strength and focus.

Once, a sailor in a bar asked me what you do when someone punches you in the mouth. I said “I don’t know” and he (intensely) said in my face “You get UP!”

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I opened this hoping people would State the obvious. It shouldn’t be played in Santa Clara and it shouldn’t be played on a Friday Night. A great day of Championships and the P12 chooses to play the night before giving their teams a short week to prepare? Dumb


Astute point