Pac-12 Network commentary on latest CFP rankings

Good video. Love Yogi Roth and his articulate and passionate defense of the conference. The amazing thing to me on this is that in defending the Pac-12 standing vis-a-vis other conferences he really only talks about how Utah would match up in the SEC. There is one mention of Oregon’s offensive line and the bulk of the evidence for the Pac-12 matches up with the SEC (or should be ranked higher than Alabama) is all about Utah - defense DLs, LBs, secondary and then Tyler Huntley.

Go Utes!


Yogi has spoken highly about Utah on many occasions. He has a real appreciation for Kyle and his staff and the way they coach the game. I also like that Yogi will tell it straight up positive or negative.


I really liked his comments on Alabama and avoiding bias related to name brand. He is a homer, but he’s our homer!


“…ain’t good enough for me.” in terms of Alabama. Love it.

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