Pac-12, MWC What if

So stemming from today’s article on CBSSports things could get interesting for the PAC-12 and MWC.

Politics aside, the article says “[California] Gov. Gavin Newsom has already said large gatherings are doubtful for the rest of the calendar year.” The Western States Pact says California, Oregon, Washington, Nevada, and Colorado will act together. Let’s assume they don’t open this calendar year, as the governor suggests. Oregon Governor Kate Brown has made similar comments.

So for open states, in the PAC12, you have 3 (Utah, Arizona, Arizona St). In the MWC you have 5 (Boise St, Utah St, Wyoming, New Mexico, Hawaii). In this situation I could see a real situation where the two band together to make some sort of schedule happen.

I’m all for football by any means, but that’s an interesting thought. It would be like a step back in time for us.

That would be interesting. In a quick THOUGHT experiment, that could be a decent, not great conference. Utah, Boise, and ASU would be the challengers for the conference title. I could see USU and Wyo winning it every so often. Aside from Hawaii, it’d be a fun BBall conference too. I don’t see it really happening in reality, aside from a possible 1 off season.

Interesting ideas…don’t see it happening because of a number of financial entanglements.

Honestly, we should’ve become a part of the compact when we joined the PAC 12. Arizona should’ve done it too. Given all the California teams in the MWC, Idaho, Wyoming and New Mexico should’ve joined.

Sorry for the Debbie Downer riff…it’s been one of those days.

You must be fun at parties. :smiley:

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You would know. :wink:

Of course @LadyUte and a number of folks used to raid my tailgate several times a season.

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