PAC-12 in the Olympics

The conference won 106 medals, which, if it were a country, would’ve placed us fifth in the world. Utah contributed 11 of those medals–not bad, 1/10 of the total. Has the U. as a school ever done that well in the Olympics?

Who are the ten?

Wouldn’t that be second in the world? USA was first with 113

The PAC-12 website I linked says:

If the Conference was a country, it would have finished fifth in the overall medal count behind Russia (56) and fourth in gold medals after Great Britain (27) and China (26).

Eleven. You need to scroll down the site I linked. I counted the medals twice. There are eleven.

Cool. I had no idea that Jake Gibb was a ute Alumni.

Way down at the bottom in the footnotes… “Amelie Morgan earned a bronze medal in the women’s team competition with Great Britain on July 27. On August 6, she signed her National Letter of Intent to join the gymnastics program at Utah.”

I hadn’t seen this news.

I saw something, somewhere, saying that she had an offer from another PAC-12 university, but chose Utah. Here’s the official release:

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There was a woman on the U’s ski team from Lebanon several years ago. She went on to compete in the winter Olympics for Lebanon as a skier then went on to compete in the summer games as a runner, I think.

I believe she was the first athlete to compete in both the summer and winter Olympics.

I’m not trying to fact-check you I was just curious so I looked it up


She had verbally committed to Cal, switched just as the Olympics were getting underway.

That’s good to know. For some reason I thought I read she was the first one to do it.

It was Chirine Njeim.