PAC 12 has a TV problem

None. The contract spells out the order in which the networks select games.

The Oregon note is really a carry from Ohio State.

This comment is confusing. Alabama was being nationally televised in 1939. Pretty sure the Packers were the team most televised with the Colts in the beginning. I think the idea of UCLA vs Washington being more interesting to anyone out East is weird. People will tune into games that are supposed to decide a conference. Utah had the highest-rated Pac 12 game last week:

Or did USC have the highest-rated Pac 12 game last week? :wink:

And only a tick above Stan/ASU which was on a non-network channel and 2.5 hours later.

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Not gonna lie. I am more likely to see a game on ESPN over Fox. If you are on ESPN that’s as good as Fox.

I’ve cut the cord so it’s a little more effort, but I don’t disagree. After last game, FOX broadcast SUCKS.

If the idiots would quit scheduling both football and basketball games in the middle of the damn night eastern time maybe the ratings would improve


I agree. I stay up for Lakers and Dodgers games but I am rare. Getting casuals to stay up for late kicks will never happen.

This conversation occurs every year and nothing will change until there is a new television contract. The interesting thing is both Sunday and Monday night NFL games start 8:30 or 9:00 pm eastern time and the stadiums in cold weather cities are full and television ratings are good. Tonight’s Dodger/Giant game starts at 9:30 pm ET.

I think we would all like to see a late afternoon kickoff time to avoid cold weather and allow those with kids playing sports to be able to attend. The reality is that in some areas of the country college football is the first, second, third and fourth priority, while in PAC 12 country it is likely third or below for many fans. The consequence is that we will have lower revenues, less compelling games and worse television spots.

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Also, ESPN has a color problem.

On Air:

Real life:

It’s like a bad Instagram filter

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It’s also a bad game, the announcers were/are boring IMO.

I got my headphones on listening to 90s rock. So I dodged that bullet. The Syracuse running game is bleeding Clemson. The QB however passing the ball is as scary as Christopher Walken playing Russian Roulette in “Deer Hunter.” You never know what is going to happen.

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ESPN’s camera/picture quality is awful for most games. Also, why the ■■■■ isnt there more 4k content?

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Here is the PAC 12’s chance. 3:30 pm EST kickoff and Gameday on location:

Go Ducks!