Pac-12 Coaches Talk Anonymously About Conference Foes for 2020

That was a good read. Too bad we won’t get to see PAC12 team this season. Glad to see that I’m not alone in thinking Chip Kelly was an oddball hire for UCLA. I think we all agreed that Sumlin was the wrong guy in Tuscon, and Athlon seems to think so too.

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This is always a good read. About what I expected on feedback on us - great respect, we have a lot of guys to replace.

All those guys eager to be new starters will be a year older, I think spring FB in '21 may be delayed, but I think this time next year we’ll be getting seriously pumped up.

Since our program relies so much on player development, I think an extra year closes at least half the gap we would have had this year, to be at the '19 level.