PAC 10/ Big 12 television deals

The PAC accelerated its exclusive bargaining window over 60 days ago and the Big 12 announced today that it is accelerating its exclusive bargaining window with ESPN/FOX. I’m not sure this is good, bad or neutral to the PAC10 remaking together. I don’t know whether this decision by the 12 was at the behest of ESPN/FOX, or the 12. It was a smart move by the PAC and is a smart move by both the 12 and the networks.
I think one thing we know now is that college football is controlled by the networks, not the conferences or the schools. The schools are the puzzle pieces to the networks quest for content and ratings.
While the 12 opening the exclusive window may not be good for the viability of the PAC10, I think it will give Utah the opportunity to see what future financials look like in the scenario of the PAC10 surviving or in the BIG12.

Maybe the PAC can get one of the networks involved to up the payout and go hard after a couple of B12 schools. I would hope they’ve at least reached out to see if the networks and a few of the schools would be interested.

Something tells me if ESPN gets the B12 done they will help facilitate TU and OU to the SEC next season. Which would allow a better deal and possible Pac 12 v Big 12 challenge-type action for scheduling in football. I wouldn’t be shocked to see all ESPN conferences working together on games.