Out of curiosity, I'd like to know how many received this letter

As someone else posted in a different thread, the athletic department announced the following on the website, indicating that season ticket holders have all been notified via email.

I have received nothing, no email, no letter, nothing. I’m not surprised, I rarely receive anything (it’s not going to spam or junk mail), and am virtually always one of the last to receive distributions of tickets, etc.

I suspect that it’s due to my Crimson Club representative, he may not be the best organized of the bunch. Either that or with a last name near the end of the alphabet, perhaps I simply need to be more patient.

I’m curious to know if there are others out there who have not received this communication.

I got this message in an email yesterday

Got an e-mail yesterday.

Had both the email and mail

Maybe they’re trying to tell you something.

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that’s what I’m afraid of…

The only reason I’m paranoid is because everyone’s against me - Frank Burns :slight_smile:


Frank Burns was a classic. One of the best TV characters of all time.


“I agree with Frank, I think we should do anything” - Hawkeye


“It’s nice to be nice to the nice.” - Frank Burns


“Sitting in the chair where a thousand of indecisions were launched.”

***Hawkeye Pierce sitting in for Henry Blake.


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I’ve actually been trying to reach the ticket office for a couple days now to make payment (can’t do it online, as the tickets are in someone else’s name, but I’m paying), but can’t get anyone to call me back.

I usually get a response within 24 hours by e-mailing my rep. Hope your mother is okay and your aunt and uncle are recovering.

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Pigpen Brothel!

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I received it, but calling out Will Goldman. Ouch.

He’s always gotten back to me quickly, typically same day. Cracks me up how he slips a “my man” into his e-mails – and nope, never met the guy.

I wasn’t specifically calling anyone out, but I still have not received the communication in any form, email or mail.

Interestingly, I’ve received other email from the University, just not this one.

My letter says to renew your tickets you can do it on online (which I can’t do because the account isn’t in my name), text a certain number (which I’ve done twice now with no response), or call your ticket rep (left him two VM’s with no response).

Their customer service certainly leaves something to be desired.

Got it Monday. I’d already renewed before the original deadline knowing full well there was risk. Heck, between the now one year delayed trip to Peru that I should be returning from today, Broadway at the Eccles tickets, a bike tour in Europe in July, and football tickets, I think vacation and entertainment investments may be too much a part of my portfolio right now.

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Received just now:

Dear [LA Ute]:

We hope you and your loved ones are in good health and maintaining good spirits. We are contacting you to address several important topics concerning season ticket renewals and our refund/credit policy during these extraordinary times.

Unfortunately, the COVID-19 virus continues to have a substantial effect on our community. There are numerous questions about the future impact of this coronavirus, including on the 2020 football season. While we do not have answers to those questions at present, speculation about what the landscape looks like months from now is premature. We will continue to follow the advice and directives of University leadership, health experts and medical officials. We are dedicated to protecting the health, safety and well-being of student-athletes, coaches, staff and supporters.

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, we have been working to adapt timelines and policies to this unique and continually evolving situation. Many of you have questions about how an alteration or cancellation of the season may affect you. As the pandemic and global response continue to develop, we are committed to providing flexible options for season ticket holders in addition to extending the renewal deadline to May 13. Once again, it is too soon to speculate about a cancellation or alteration of the 2020 football season, but we have added the following temporary provisions to our refund policy to account for such potentialities:

• Transference of payments to the following season (2021)
• Re-allocation of payments to a tax-deductible donation to Utah Athletics
• Full refunds of payments

Several questions remain, including whether or not changes will be made to game dates or number of games. Due to the wide range of possible scenarios, we are unable to answer these questions or articulate what additional options we may be able to offer. We empathize with the frustration felt during this uncertain time and we are committed to treating you with the gratitude and fairness your contributions to our community merit. Thank you for your on-going support of our student-athletes.

Please continue to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have and we will do our best to address them.


The Utah Ticket Office
Text or call 801-581-8849

I got it and I read it as all options are on the table at this point so they are trying to make the season ticket holders comfortable with sending in their renewals, knowing they are protected.

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