Orrin Hatch has died

Orrin Hatch died today. I have a funny story about the one time i met Orrin but I’ll wait for a time thsts more approriate

88 years old…had a full life. I generally never agreed with his policy positions as most were anti-family and anti-worker. Honestly, he was the living personification for the case for term limits. It is clear he was elected and re-elected numerous times in free and fair elections, and some will find his service over those decades exemplary. I am not one of them.

God bless his family in their time of loss. May their memories be a blessing.


Aside from just the GLARING evidence of needed Term Limits to prevent “serving the people” from becoming a career and springboard to higher office or Supreme Court (his personal goal), there’s the permanently damning EPITOME of hypocrisy involved… Campaigned against Frank MOss being there too long at 18 years, and then proceeded to obliterate that by almost tripling it. There were a few decent traits here and there, but overall, a true dogmatic reactionary, who did far more harm than good in the sense of his impact on non-Utahns.


There must be something in the water that the Utah delegation drinks while in Washington. Mike Lee said he would only serve two terms, yet here we are.

To the surprise of no one here, Hatch was kind of a negative barometer for me. If he was for it, I was usually against it, and vice-versa.


Senator Hatch’s funeral is tomorrow at The LDS Institute at 1p. I think this conflicts with commencement at the Huntsman Center so expect additional traffic. Also be aware there’ll be a 21 gun salute so don’t panic.