Oregon/Stanford Tonight

Oregon/Stanford will start as scheduled at 5:30 tonight on both ABC & ESPNU. At approximately 6 pm Mountain Time ABC will cut away to cover President-Elect Biden’s speech. Coverage will continue on ESPNU & the ESPN app.

Thanks for the info. I want Stanford to win because I really like coach Shaw, but we need Oregon to dominate to get into the playoff picture. With their Rose Bowl win last year, I like their chances to impress the committee.

Appears to be overridden by a super spreader event. Will have to hit one of the other games.

Did they move it to another channel? I’m watching Clemson/ND, but it’s halftime. I’ll switch to Oregon/Stanford if it’s on somewhere

it’s on now on espn3

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Check out all that Utah prep talent in this game

No super spreaders anymore. The virus is no longer useful.

My thoughts after week 1: Oregon looks good. Like, really, really good. And clean. Stanford is not a bad team. And Oregon just did Oregon/SEC stuff to them. Oregon looks like how Utah looks at it’s best. And Oregon is young. IF they keep this up, they could be USC-early 2000’s good. They desperately need to keep Cristobal. If he runs the table this year, with his recruiting, I’d offer Saban/Swinney money.

9/11 on third downs? Are you kidding me?

USC…is USC. Look, they have more talent than anyone not named Oregon and it showed. USC played for 5 mins on Saturday and still won. ASU was perfect for 55 and lost. It’s not fair. IF USC had a real coach, they’d be a top 5 team overnight.

If I’m USC, I go hard after Urban/Whitt (won’t happen)/Fickle/…someone like that. Someon who will run the ball 40 times a game and play tough defense. ■■■■ the throw game. USC has so much talent, if they do what Pete Carroll did and run all over everyone and play tough defense…they’d be Pete Carroll’s USC.

Throwing the ball is so overrated for a team like USC. And it’s good to see Oregon know this lesson as well. Yeah, you have to be able to throw the ball. But if you can run it and stop the run, you will win most of your games (I think Whitt said a few years ago that if you hold an opponent under 100 yards rushing, you win over 80% of your games, no matter what the passing stats are).

I haven’t seen Utah play, which clouds my judgement, but after week 1, there are two teams, talent wise, out there and everyone else.

Oh, and Daniels still can’t throw from the pocket. It’s weird. I’ve never seen a QB who is a level 10 outside of the pocket and a level 2 inside the pocket. He just can’t do it. He looks like he doesn’t know how to throw if he’s standing still.

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I think you are living in the 2000’s. The best, most talent laden teams now - Bama, OSU, and Clemson - all balance the run with a lot of passing.

The Sundance Kid of QB’s

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So, I just looked at Alabama. I looked at every play on every scoring drive until they got up by 3 TD’s, because at that point you are probably going to see a lot more rushing than passing.

This year, they have thrown the ball 125 times and rushed it 128 times. Against good teams (A&M and Georgia) they threw it 65 times and ran it 82 times.

Clemson passes until up 21: 179. Rushes: 149.

Ohio State passes until up 21: 57. Rushes: 52.

While the pass is important and you need to be able to do it, it’s still a running/defense game.