Oregon’s ranking was a painful joke

Too many here (myself included) and a bunch of the media boneheads are making it out that the Utes were slaughtered by some weaker team and thereby exposed.

I think we are a solid top 15 team but not a solid top 5 team. That being said, Oregon has been ranked ahead of us most of the year and was ahead of us as #6 just 2 weeks ago. Their drop to #13 was a joke. Clearly they had a lull but they were a season long top team and too many are rewriting the season to degrade PAC-12 talent. We got beat by a very solid top 10 team last night. We should have done better but the ranking #s are totally misleading on this one.

Minnesota in the Holiday Bowl May be a different story.

It’s standard to drop 7 spots for any team in the top 15. They’re still a very top 10 team. So are Michigan, Alabama and Auburn.

Top 10 best teams are
Ohio State, Clemson, LSU, Alabama, Georgia, Oklahoma, Wisconsin, Michigan, Oregon and Auburn.

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I would put Florida & Penn State over Michigan or Auburn.


We would pound Minnesota. Mark it down as a football prophecy.

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