Oregon looks like they are on a mission

We’re back to 2019.

This Oregon State v Oregon uniform selection is murder on us color blind folks. The black helmets and numbers for the Beavers is the only real help. Sigh.


Speaking of hard to see, Penn St. in white on the snow and Mich St. in green with white helmets on the little green of the field you cam see is quite hard to follow.

But back to Oregon, they’ve got Brown and Dye going. How we stopped them was awesome. Scalley did a good job planning for them.

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I don’t think we need to be afraid of Oregon. We are evenly matched with them. What worries me is the difficulty of beating the same excellent team twice within two weeks. Also, I always worry about the Utes’ lack of experience in big, high-profile, nationally televised games. That hasn’t been our best thing.

Then again, having a dynamic and productive offense hasn’t been our best thing either. Neither has amazing season-long improvement from game to game. So if any year is going to be the year, it just might be 2021.


Making Brown uncomfortable in the pocket will be the difference next week.

We did that in our win, OSU is giving him all day back there.


The Ducks missed a couple of FGs, it was cold and inhospitable. We beat them, but not a 38-7 kind of whupping, more like 24-17 on a neutral field.

We’ll need some scheme work, we need to be physical for 60 minutes, but we can beat them. We’ll need to withstand the fury of their revenge motivation, then wear them down.

If Rising is on his A game, it would be nice to see the WRs targeted more. Oregon will scheme to take away the TE middle game, they’ll be focused on reversing the battle on the ground, so hopefully we’ll be working on the rest of the playbook to keep their D running ragged.

The key with Brown is to hit him a few times. He’s definitely still hurting.


But this is why the original post is spot on. Oregon lost to ASU on 2019 and all of the sudden we are favored and they are pissed. We ran our normal stuff that they were ready for, they came out fired up and running different plays and they waxed us. Worries the same scenarios plays out.

Good points. That was a very disappointing game in 2019. My expectation (hope?) is that the Utah coaching staff has learned a lot from that and subsequent experiences.


it would appear tyhat OSU is NOT gonna lay down on this… must be an exciting atmosphere in AUtzen today… after all they are almost as close as Utah -BYU

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Can anyone explain why OSU has kept going for two on every score? They’d be within a TD if they had simply kicked the XP.

Is their kicker terrible or something?

(They may have mentioned it on the broadcast, I’m just following the ESPN tracker)

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One thing that is good is Utah fans have had a week to buy tickets to the game. That should mean more Utah fans than Oregon fans there.

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plus Allegiant is a damn sight more attractive than Sam Boyd >.> ANd not way the hell out in the boonies

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I just had it reinforced that I have no idea WTF targeting actually is.


They don’t either!


It’s simple:

  1. If the defender plays for Utah: targeting

  2. If the defender does not play for Utah: not targeting


That was targeting and should not have been overturned.


■■■■ Oregon!

Utes gonna manhandle them green bitches.


One thing I haven’t seen this season is our OL getting figured out late in the year, and the run game consequently getting neutralized.

Part of that is the luxury of having 3 TEs who can either pull on a counter, slip beyond the LOS as a receiving threat, chip on a disruptive threat like Thibbideaux, etc.

Other parts that help are a QB that has a very high percentage of making the right decision, who can also make plays with his legs, a 3 headed monster at RB, excellent blocking by the WRs who also come up with key receptions when targeted.

If we can cash in on Dixon, Howard and Parks stretching the field vertically, then all the cylinders could be firing. On one play vs CU Dixon was an obvious decoy, and unless they jam him, he’s almost impossible to cover. Fake Jet sweep wheel route will either pull a safety to cover him, or if Rising is on it could be 6.


If Dixon were almost impossible to cover, you would think he would have more than 5 catches


Dixon had some off field issues when he entered the portal, but never ended up anywhere. KW made an exception to his portal rule to let him back on the team. He hasn’t got a lot of snaps, hasn’t been in some games, not sure if that’s related to the off field issues.

He doesn’t have a great catch radius and isn’t known to have great hands…but he’s really quick, might be the fastest guy on the team this year. In press coverage he’s easy to jam, but off motion, or if the DB is playing off, he’s a matchup problem, with a step he’ll stretch out a secondary.

He’s caught at least one long ball, gets behind coverage pretty regularly. If Rising can connect with Dixon (or Parks or Howard) deep, that puts the secondary in a bind.

With the embarrassment of riches at TE, and the run game, our WRs have been under utilized, compared to most teams, and I’d say the WR group is the last group we need to really fill out. Hopefully that will come.