Oregon looks legit

Ranked #3 I’m impressed with them. I can seem them in the CFP and making a run.

I see a loss on the road in November.


What’s up with Clemson?

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Was this post made before the third quarter yesterday? They had a pretty good start and end to game, but they really struggled for long stretches of the game. Arizona should not have been close entering the fourth quarter if Oregon is really the third best team in the country.

It was - first half Oregon was lights out - looked to be a quick blowout. And ultimately was, but if Oregon plays a full game like they did the first half look out.

The fact they got Big Boi AAAAAAAND Andre 3000 at their games means they win it all:

Not sure how the AP is keeping them in the Top 25 when undefeated P5 teams are not in the Top 25.

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