One of the many things that suck about COVID-19

People who die have to die either alone or without family present.

The last time I saw my mom was the day after the earthquake. Got a call today that we should probably come to Highland Cove because things didn’t look good. I was just on my way home from my “essential” job of delivering auto parts so I drove home. I told my wife we needed to go see mom and just then my wife’s phone rang and the hospice nurse said she had passed on. So…we didn’t make there to see her.

Interesting (to me) side story. Mom’s favorite flower was the iris, specifically a black iris. For whatever reason this spring, the black irises in our yard were blooming really well (they often don’t) and when they bloomed, they stayed bloomed. Hardly any folded up like a zoob football team all spring. When we got the call that mom had passed, my wife went out and clipped an iris so we could lay it with her when the mortuary came. It was nice.

When we got home (about an hour ago) I went out to look at the irises, and all the black ones that were in bloom at 3:00 were now all shriveled up.

There’s a lot of energy in this world that we don’t understand.

Thanks for letting me ramble…

Also edit…she didn’t die of COVID. Natural causes, she was 93.

Sorry to hear about your loss. Wish you could’ve physically been with her. I’ll be thinking of you and your family.


I’m hoping those irises keep coming back. Just like the memories of your Mom will surely bring you joy and comfort


Sorry to hear about your mom, and yes it does suck that you couldn’t go in to see her.

Interesting story about the irises. When my wife’s mother passed she had visions of her older brother who was already dead visiting her. A friend of ours who’s mother just past was yelling at someone those around her couldn’t see that she wasn’t ready. Strange stuff.

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I am so sorry for your loss.


Very sorry Turk


Sorry to hear this my friend and the terrible toll the restrictions have placed on you. I agree there are energies and things we don’t understand, but I believe she understands and is in a better place.


I am so sorry for you and your family. And yes, what you describe is the worst part of this pandemic; all over the valley there are 80 and 90 year olds, locked up in their rooms in assisted living centers and nursing homes.

My mother is in such a situation, and it is taking a toll on her physically, as she gets very little exercise, but more so emotionally and mentally. I have been doing everything I can to find ways to keep her mind occupied, and keep her in contact with family and friends. I’m delivering an Echo Show setup with Skype, to her room tomorrow, so she can video chat with her kids, and grand kids. Her health is good, but if anything were to happen, heaven forbid, I would hate to have her come to her end alone.

A good friend lost his father under similar circumstances a month ago.

To add insult to injury, people who losing loved one’s who are dying alone are also not able to have customary funerals services.

Hang in there, and again, sorry for your loss.

Your story of the iris is fascinating.

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So sorry to hear that Turk. My condolences.

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So sorry, Newbomb. Thanks for telling us. We’ll be thinking of you.

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So sorry. 6 months ago, my grandmother’s health was failing and I had the thought to call her and by the time I got around to it, she had passed. My mother was in the air trying to get there in time and missed her passing by about an hour. Her death wasn’t tragic - old age and various conditions, but it still hurts to have just missed the last opportunity.

Beautiful story about the Iris’.


I’ve been away from the board a bit lately, Newbomb, and just saw this post. So sorry for your loss. The black irises bloomed amazingly well for us too.