One of my favorite Moss moments

At the end of the drive that Moss went out from the targeting hit by Fields, Moss storms back into the game and screams “LET’S GO!” to his teammates.

This kid is the epitome of heart, toughness and dedication.

I’m so glad we’ve got to enjoy seeing his amazing journey as a Ute so far, and I’m excited to see where he takes us the rest of the way.

Thank you Moss!

That was a great moment.

That said, the hit that sent him to the tent was total BS. Tossed for the rest of the game is not enough - especially when ASU is known for that move. Ok, it is my understanding the and East Provo own the co-patent on it (though East Provo seems to be on a sabbatical from using it at this time). It was a hit where I thought we lost Moss for the rest of the game.

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