OL news?

Look at our OL starters and their backups. Their backups were more highly rated coming into the program than the starters. You will never see that again. Our OL is FINALLY becoming a P5 OL. We aren’t piecemealing a smorgasboard of transfers and low rated guys we put 50 lbs on. We have legit OL talent and the players behind the starters were able to sit a year, get heavy and work on their game. And now they get another year. We are getting closer to where we want to be. It’s happening folks.

We need Whitt for another 4-5 years. He has almost built this program into a sustainable commodity. We are almost there.

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We didn’t have a P5 Oline in 2016??

I’ll believe we have a P-5 offensive line when we can pass block against great p-5 teams. We have never been able to do that. If that doesn’t happen this year, changes need to be made.


What is your metric for this? We gave Huntley more time last season than Travis Wilson ever had.

You know, even Alabama gives up sacks on occasion.

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My metric? I don’t know, having time to throw, like at all, against teams like USC, Oregon, and Texas.

the QB, on the vast majority of pass plays against these caliber of teams, needs to complete his three step drop before there are defenders in the backfield that have beat their blocker.

Against those teams it seemed that on nearly every obvious passing play there was a defender in the backfield before he had a chance to take even one step with the ball in his hands, that is not ok.

That is a TAAAAALLLLL standard you just set.

You want the OL to be able to hold off Texas, USC and Oregon. The fifth, tenth and twelveth most talented teams in college football. Oh, and the 10th and 12th teams are both climbing fast in the composite scores.

And where is Utah ranked in “talent”? Thirty-nineth.

You are asking for the near impossible.

Several years ago I watched a Florida State-Miami game. Neither offense could get anything going because the D-line was dominating the opponents offense. Both teams had stellar D-lines.

I know the Utes have needed better O-line play, especially in the PAC championship and bowl games, but there is a reason why the best athletes get put on the defense. The Utes D-line made a lot of decent O-lines look bad last year.

Lolololol. How is wanting the QB to have any time at all to throw the ball a tall standard?

If it’s too much to expect decent pass blocking against the best teams in the conference then it is equally too much to expect us to be better in any other category. USC and Oregon our recruit us across the board. Should we just expect them to be better at every position? If we can be better than them on the defensive line there is no reason to not expect at least not totally terrible play on the offensive line.

It is not too much to ask offensive linemen not to repeatedly get beat off the line of scrimmage by the same guys. If we can’t give our guy 3 seconds to throw on third and long, we shouldn’t bother trying to throw or win for that matter

I agree with this take, I didn’t see our pass blocking be anywhere near an acceptable level last year. Huntley was getting molested before he could even complete a three step drop.

Good write up.